The Process

Every hand-painted embroidery background is painted in its own embroidery hoop on Kona Cotton.


I use artist-quality acrylic paint and a lot of love. :)


Prior to each listing, I remove every fabric base from its hoop to ensure nothing is "glued" together. I photograph each piece, then sell both the hoop and fabric together.


There are two reasons I sell both the painted hoop and fabric together 1) I prefer the aesthetic look of using the hoop, it helps tell the story of the piece 2) It helps keep the fabric from wrinkling and being damaged in transport.


You are MORE THAN WELCOME to toss the hoop when it arrives, sometimes it gets warped in the painting process. I know that this warping isn't ideal to some.


Fabric, when painted with acrylic paint, doesn't like to release its wrinkling. Please be careful, if you don't want permanent wrinkles.


I have not ensured that the paint I have used will not bleed when washed, however, it isn't *very* likely that you'll see a lot of bleeding. *WASH AT YOUR OWN RISK*