About Me

Hello There!


My IRL name is Hannah Rubenstahl, I live in Ohio with my wonderful husband and daughter.


In college, I studied technical theater where I focused on scenic art. Unfortunately, I did not stay in my field of study, however, I never left painting.


Something that has always been with me, at one level or another, has always been needlepoint. My grandmother and aunt introduced me to cross stitch and embroidery. I have always dabbled a bit.


Now in my middle-ages, I have found myself drawn more and more to embroidery as it calms me. I have been diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses and a personality disorder, anxiety, depression, and anger unfortunately are the side effects. I do a lot of therapy, take my medication, but embroidery calms me the most. It just seemed so natural to combine both of my passions into one!


By shopping small, and supporting my family you're helping to pay for things like my child's extracurricular lessons; you are helping to support the fact that I am unable to go out into the public and hold a job, and you're providing yourself with colorful inspiration for your creativity!


I can not thank you enough for even just stopping by and being part of my family's journey! 


You are the best, and I hope you are always *Inspired by Color*!